Royse City ISD

MASA MTS Enrollment for Royse City Independent School District

What is Covered?

(~30% off)
PLATINUM $24.50-$32.50/Mo $290-$390/Yr (~50% off)
Emergency Air Medical Transport
Emergency Ground Ambulance Transport
Air Medical Transport/Evacuation
Minor Child/Grandchild Return
Organ Recipient Transport
Organ Retrieval
Non-injury Transport
Pet Return
Vehicle Return
Return Transportation
Escort Transportation
Mortal Remains Transport
Worldwide Coverage

Only MASA MTS for Employees can provide you with complete protection.


Americans today suffer from a false sense of security that their medical coverage will pay for all costs associated with emergency or critical care transport. The reality is that a majority of Americans are only partially covered for these high costs.

Most healthcare policies will only pay based off of the “Usual and Customary Charges” while Medicare pays based off a set fee schedule, both leaving you with the remainder of the bill.

You face the possibility that your medical coverage will deny the claim leaving you responsible for the ENTIRE bill.

Typically health insurance policies will not get you back home when traveling, leaving you exposed to transportation costs that can exceed $100,000.

We provide medical emergency transportation solutions AND cover your out of pocket medical transport cost when your insurance falls short.

“All I had to do was send the bill which was never paid by Medicare and TriCare for Life --- and the rest is history. When MASA received that bill, it was paid and all amounts owed satisfied.” --- MASA Member, 2015

MASA MTS for Employees Ensures...
  • NO health questions
  • NO age limits
  • NO claim forms
  • NO deductibles
  • NO provider/insurance network limitations
  • NO dollar limits on emergency transport costs
? If you have any questions regarding our products, enrollment process, etc., please contact Marc Bower at 903-818-8133.