We Take Emergency Transport Bills and Leave Your Clients with a $0 Balance

Employee Worry


No Cash for Medical Bills

200 Million


Medical Claims Denied Every Year

5050 Chance

50/50 CHANCE

You'll Pay Most of the Ambulance Bill

Avg. Out-of-Pocket Ambulance Costs


Ground Ambulance


Fixed-Wing Ambulance


Helicopter Ambulance

A Flexible Addition to Any Benefits Plan

A Flexible Addition to Any Benefits Plan

MASA offers many different ways to add this valuable coverage. In fact, clients can elect any of the following methods below.

  • $0 Out-of-Pocket Cost
  • Cost Sharing
  • Payroll Deduction

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Attract & Retain New Clients

Modern health insurance isn’t enough to protect your clients from emergency transport bills. The truth is, most insurance plans don’t provide adequate coverage when it comes to ground or air ambulances. Emergency transportation bills can be crippling and leave people drowning in medical debt. With MASA, you can offer peace of mind and financial security during any emergency.


Attract Clients

Stand Out From Other Brokers

Stand Out From Other Brokers

Once you learn about the gaps in emergency transportation billing, it’s hard to look at health insurance the same way again. By becoming aware of these risks and offering trusted protection, you can provide a more comprehensive benefits plan to clients. It’s also worth noting that emergency transport coverage is becoming much more common in the modern marketplace.

If you don’t offer it, another broker will.

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Emergent Air Transportation

Non-Emergent Air Transportation

Emergent Ground Transportation

Recuperation / Repatriation

Return Transportation

Escort Transportation

Visitor Transportation

Minor Children / Grandchildren Return

Organ Retrieval / Transportation

Vehicle Return

Mortal Remains Transport

Pet Return Transportation

Worldwide Coverage

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Easy & Effective Coverage

  • No Waiting for Enrollment Dates
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Deductibles
  • No Questions About Your Health


Easy and Effective Coverage