Which MASA Plan is Right for You?

While our critical benefits are included in all four Plans, Charter and Lifetime Emergency Shield plan members will only have to only pay one fee and be covered for the rest of their lives. Emergency Shield Plans also feature a wider selection of services. Depending on your age, health, job, travel schedule and hobbies, each Plan can be extremely beneficial. Below is a list of benefits that you can compare and contrast on your own. However, when considering which Plan is right for you, we highly recommend speaking to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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Platinum Plan

Florida residents enroll today for our Platinum Plan or Charter Lifetime Plan. Call (877) 503-0585 to enroll today for our Platinum Plus Plan or Charter Lifetime Plus Plan.

Pennsylvania residents only, click one of the following links to enroll in your plan: Platinum Plan, Charter Plan, Emergency Shield Plan, Lifetime Emergency Shield Plan; or call (877) 503-0585.