Protect Yourself
From Outrageous
Emergency Bills

Most Health Insurance Plans Do Not Cover Emergency Transport

Our Memberships shield you from extremely-high charges due to commonly-denied ambulance claims. Estimates from the US Department of Labor say that at least 14% of all submitted medical claims are rejected each year. That’s 1 out of 7 claims, which amounts to over 200 million claims per year. Considering 1 out of 10 people will make an emergency call every year, the threat of excessive emergency bills is very real.


Think of Us Like a Financial Safety Net

Not everyone has thousands of dollars set aside for unexpected expenses. Even if you do, you wouldn’t want it drained from one trip to the emergency room. MASA MTS provides full financial protection in your time of need. No matter which ambulance picks you up, where it takes you or why you need help, we take your bills and leave you with complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive Coverage

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Emergent Air Transportation

Non-Emergent Air Transportation

Emergent Ground Transportation

Recuperation / Repatriation

Return Transportation

Escort Transportation

Visitor Transportation

Minor Children / Grandchildren Return

Organ Retrieval / Transportation

Vehicle Return

Mortal Remains Transport

Pet Return Transportation

Worldwide Coverage

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  • World Wide Service
  • 24 Hours a Day / 365 Days a Year
  • No Deductibles or Claim Forms
  • No Questions About Your Health
  • Single Member and Family Plans


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