Modern Health Insurance is Leaving You Exposed

Most people assume that their monthly health insurance will cover them for ambulance rides and other emergency transportation. Unfortunately, this is not true. During the last 10 years, huge gaps have opened up in most insurance plans. These gaps leave you exposed to copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums for the cost of emergency transportation.

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Shocking Statistics

Average cost of medical transportation


Ground Ambulance


Fixed-Wing Ambulance



40% of Americans only have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency expense.

- Bankrate

66% of people who file for bankruptcy cite medical issues as a key contributor to their financial downfall.


530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical bills.


240 Million emergency calls are made in the United States every year.

This year, over 30 million Americans will require emergency transportation.

Over 200 million medical claims are denied every year.

Medical Bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy.

4 Easy Ways You Can
End Up With a Massive Bill

There are over 10,000 ambulance companies operating in the United States and your health insurance will only cover a limited amount of in-network providers. The truth is, there’s no guarantee that you will be picked up by an in-network provider. In fact, The New York Times reported that 51% of ground ambulance rides are billed by out-of-network providers. Essentially, that means you have a 50/50 chance of being left responsible for a majority of your bill.

MASA memberships cover all emergency transportation providers in the United States and Canada, so you never need to worry about which ambulance company picks you up.

Medicare and health insurance will only pay for an ambulance if your trip is deemed “Medically Necessary.” Medical necessity is established when any other method of transportation (besides an ambulance) would endanger the patient’s life. For example, let’s say you’re experiencing symptoms commonly associated with a heart attack and end up taking an ambulance to the hospital. If your health insurance decides that the cause of your symptoms (perhaps indigestion, heartburn, or a panic attack) doesn’t meet their requirements for an ambulance, they could deny your claim and leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars.

MASA MTS has never denied an emergency medical air service claim and have denied less than 1% of all ambulance claims.

If you are lucky enough to get picked up by an in-network ambulance and your claim is accepted by insurance, they will only pay a set amount based on the Usual, Customary and Reasonable Rate. Basically, if your emergency transport is billed at a higher than usual rate, insurance companies are only required to pay a set amount based on normal rates.

MASA MTS functions as your very own team of financial defenders. We take your emergency transportation bills, negotiate with providers, pay outstanding charges and leave you with complete peace of mind.

Even if your bills fall within the Usual, Customary and Reasonable Rate, most insurance plans feature copays and deductibles. Copays are set fees attached to certain medical services. A deductible is a set amount you must pay before insurance begins to cover your medical charges. Depending on your health insurance plan, some deductibles can be as high as $8,000. So, regardless of other variables, you could automatically be on the hook for hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars just to fulfill the requirements of your insurance plan.

MASA MTS will take care of all out-of-pocket costs, including copays and deductibles.

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We Fill Dangerous Gaps in Coverage

MASA MTS specializes in identifying gaps left by your health insurance and providing full financial protection in the event you or a family member needs emergency transport. Unfortunately, this additional coverage is a critical need for all Americans.


Money Should Be the Last of Your Concerns in Any Emergency

When emergencies happen, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the ambulance is in-network. In most cases, you won’t have any control over who renders services.

MASA covers ALL ground and air ambulance providers in the United States and Canada. As a MASA member, you’ll never need to worry about which ambulance company picks you up. MASA MTS is the only membership available that gives you 100% coverage when it comes to emergency transportation.


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Closing the Deal

Protect Yourself
From Financial Disaster

These gaps in coverage aren’t going away anytime soon. Whether you choose to become a MASA member or not, you’ll still need to address these very real threats to your financial security. Some ambulance companies offer their own memberships, but again, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be around during your time of need.

It’s important to note that none of these companies offer comprehensive fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter and ambulance coverage. MASA is unique in that it provides complete protection from financial catastrophes caused by unexpected medical transportation bills.