Protect Your Employees From Devastating Emergency Bills

Nowadays, it's up to business owners and benefit managers to ensure that employees are covered during medical emergencies. Unfortunately, most health insurance plans feature huge gaps when it comes to emergency transportation.

Protect Your Employees

Avg. Out-of-Pocket
Ambulance Costs


Ground Ambulance


Air Ambulance

5050 Chance


Will Make an Emergency Call Every Year

Employee Worry

51% of Ground Ambulance

Rides Are Billed as Out-of-Network

200 Million

200 Million

Medical Claims Are Denied Every Year

Why Are So Many Emergency
Transport Claims Denied?

  • Your health insurance gets to decide if the trip was “medically-necessary.”
  • There are over 10,000 ambulance companies operating in the United States and health insurance will only cover a limited number of in-network providers.
  • Even if the trip is deemed medically necessary and the provider is in-network, health insurance will only pay a set amount based on the “Usual, Customary and Reasonable Rate.”
  • UCR billing is just one of many ways people end up with a balance bill, not even mentioning the copays and deductibles you will be responsible for, regardless of the situation.

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Overwhelmed by medical bills

Get Comprehensive Coverage and MASA Peace of Mind

MASA MTS takes your emergency transportation bills and leaves you with a zero dollar balance. Think of us like your personal team of financial defenders, protecting you from greedy billing practices.


3 Flexible Ways to
Build MASA
Into Your
Benefits Plan

  1. Provide coverage for your employees.
  2. Share the cost with your employees.
  3. Offer coverage for your employees to purchase.


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