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Preserving Lives and Finances

MASA MTS is a division of MASA Global, the premiere medical transportation solutions provider in the world. As a leader in the industry, we are dedicated to shielding your employees from excessive emergency bills. Our memberships provide comprehensive financial protection and complete peace of mind. When an emergency strikes, we take your employee’s medical transportation bills and leave them with complete peace of mind.

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MASA (Medical Air Services Association) began offering emergency air coverage in 1974. Since then, we've become the undisputed leader in all emergency transportation. Today, we are a global organization with 18 international locations, providing protection for millions around the world.

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Ultimate Protection
& Complete Peace of Mind

Our company has two distinct advantages
over every competitor in the industry:

A membership program that covers all emergency transport providers in the U.S. and Canada with comprehensive fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter and ground ambulance service.

Complete protection from financial catastrophes caused by unexpected medical transportation bills.

Emergency Support for Your Entire Workforce

Our mission is to provide industry-leading medical transportation solutions for you and you employees. Through these services, we seek to improve both moral and complete peace of mind by protecting your employees from dangerous gaps in their health insurance. Huge financial burdens often follow life’s biggest emergencies. We believe that no American should have to worry about bankruptcy after a medical emergency.