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Get Six Additional Benefits With Platinum Plus

Aside from the extra benefits, the Platinum Plus membership covers even more people in your family. It also accounts for incidental costs during an emergency, administrative assistance with medical bills, immediate transportation of family members, as well as return transport for anyone who comes to visit you in recovery. Essentially, this membership provides a higher level of protection and alleviates every possible headache during life’s most uncertain moments.

Lock In a Lifetime of Platinum Plus Coverage

Members who are 50 years of age or older are eligible to upgrade to our Charter Lifetime Plus Membership. This option gives you all the benefits of Platinum Plus, but covers you indefinitely, at home and overseas. In addition to the 18 Platinum Plus benefits, you will also receive an additional 6 additional benefits including extra support while traveling abroad.

Not Sure Which Membership is Right for You?

Our representatives are here to help! We can walk you through both the Platinum Plus and Charter Lifetime Plus Memberships. That way, you can be sure on which choice best suits you. We can also examine your current health insurance coverage to identify which gaps leave you most exposed. Interested in seeing a side-by-side comparison? Just click the button below or schedule a consultation.