The Ultimate Coverage for Your RV Adventure

The Ultimate Coverage for Your RV Adventure

COVID-19 has significantly changed what vacations now look like. With people all over the nation starting to go stir crazy, RV sales are through the roof. It seems the increase in travel regulations has only strengthened the appeal of the open road. Accordingly, the endless possibilities of RV travel have inspired millions to hit the good ol’ dusty trail.

While the incomparable freedom of RV travel is certainly exciting, it can also expose you to various new situations. It’s essential to be prepared for any problems you might face along the way on the road. Whether you come into contact with COVID-19 or find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Thankfully, MASA MTS provides excellent coverage for any cross-country trip, and here’s why:

Emergency Air and Ground Transportation

Most people don’t imagine the possibility of needing emergency medical transport while on vacation. Of course, none of us think we’ll be in an emergency until it happens. The truth is, 240 million emergency calls are made each year in the United States, and you never know when you might become part of that statistic. It’s also worth mentioning that the farther you travel from densely populated areas, the less medical facilities will be nearby. This means that if something terrible does happen, your ambulance will have to travel farther and faster to get you the appropriate care. In these situations, your emergency medical transportation cost will significantly increase. Depending on how far you are from proper medical care, you may even need air emergency transport in addition to ground medical transport. Just one emergency in a remote area could cost you upwards of $50,000.

Instead of rolling the dice with fate and insufficient insurance, we recommend protecting your family with comprehensive emergency transportation coverage. MASA members enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that we’ll protect them from the excessive costs of emergency transportation. We even pay their copays and deductibles as well. So, rather than letting potential risk keep you from enjoying the open road, why not set up a physical and financial safety net with MASA MTS?

Vehicle Return

For argument’s sake, let’s say you do have an emergency while you are out on the road. The ambulance comes, picks you up, and takes you to the hospital. What happens to the RV? Unfortunately, the answer is nothing. Depending on where and how you leave it, you could get ticketed or towed. Believe it or not, vehicle return is not the responsibility of emergency personal or police officers. In most situations, your vehicle is at the mercy of whoever is around after you are gone.

With MASA MTS, vehicle return is included in your membership. After EMS personnel take you to safety, your vehicle will be returned to your residence at no additional charge. This service is beneficial and can save you lots of money when it comes to recovery from an emergency.

Repatriation / Recuperation

Luckily, MASA doesn’t just send your vehicle back home following an accident. Once you achieve stable condition, MASA MTS will also fly you home to recover in familiar surroundings, around friends and family. The technical term for this service is called “Recuperation” and is a hugely beneficial service included in all MASA memberships.

Grandchild and Minor Return

If you thought the prospect of leaving your RV alone was scary, think about what happens in an emergency when a minor or grandchild in your care is left alone. EMS and police will not leave minors alone. However, the cost to care for minors and transport them back home will fall on you. With MASA, this is another worry of the past. If a minor or grandchild is left unattended, we will provide one-way air transport to the commercial airport nearest to their home.

Pet Return

On RV trips, it’s not uncommon to bring pets along for the ride. In the event of an emergency, your furry little family member will not be brought along to the hospital. In most cases, they will be held at a vet until a friend or family member can pick them up. With MASA, transportation of your pet back to your place of residence is included with your membership.

Many of these topics can be difficult to discuss or even think about. We fully understand and have over 25 years of experience providing these services for millions around the world. When it comes to emergencies, the unknown is always the scariest part. That’s why we specialize in taking as many worries off your plate as we possibly can. Peace of mind is a powerful thing; not just for you but for your family. Most of all, MASA memberships protect you from the giant gaps in modern health insurance. Whether you have Medicaid or pay a monthly health insurance premium, chances are, you’re extremely exposed to high emergency transport costs.

So, when you get ready to head out on your next big trip, make sure you’re protected. Emergencies happen. The question is, how much will they cost you? With the average American’s health insurance, one accident could lead to financial ruin. With MASA, an affordable monthly membership could protect you from truly outrageous emergency bills and dangerous holes in modern coverage.

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