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Affinity and Marketing Partners

MASA MTS offer affinity and marketing partnerships to provide medical transportation solutions for the end consumer.

Offering MASA MTS memberships to your group or consumers will add a valued benefit to your current offerings. MASA MTS Members become personally protected from financial catastrophes when unexpected medical emergencies happen. MASA MTS Members have access to emergency medical ground or air transportation services – at anytime and anywhere in the world by covering their no out-of-pocket expenses.

Your group or consumers will receive discounted Membership prices plus, MASA Medical Transport Solutions allows its’ partners to participate in a revenue-sharing model.

Or enhance your own membership offering and become an Affinity Partner with MASA MTS. Those from your membership group who purchase MASA Membership (at a discount) will eliminate their out-of-pocket exposure to high medical transport bills.

Contact MASA Medical Transport Solutions today to find out more on how to protect your group or association members. 1.800.423.3226 or

Here are a few of our partners today: